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Paula Uimonen specializes in digital anthropology and anthropology of art, visual culture, media and globalization. Research interests include digital media, mobile media, digital visuality, creativity, literature, cosmopolitanism, postcolonialism, feminism and Pan-Africanism. She explores visual and digital research methods as well as online dissemination of research. Her fieldwork has primarily been in Tanzania, East Africa, with short visits to Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Namibia and Ethiopia. In the past she has also done fieldwork in Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia in Southeast Asia.


Her recent publications focus on mobile photography in Tanzania (2016), mobile infrastructure in Africa (2015), and mourning rituals for Mandela in Cape Town (2015). Her research on digital media and intercultural interaction at a national art institute in Tanzania was published in the monograph Digital Drama. Teaching and Learning Art and Media in Tanzania (Uimonen 2012), with a website at http://innovativeethnographies.net/digitaldrama. In another project, an anti-corruption campaign by Tanzanian musicians was presented in an ethnographic road movie Chanjo ya Rushwa (2013), available online at https://vimeo.com/paulauimonen.


Paula teaches courses on global development (BA), communication & aesthetics (BA), thesis preparation (BA), digital anthropology (MA), media (MA), anthropological methods (MA), classics in anthropology (PhD).

She also supervises thesis writing (BA & MA).


Paula is also specialized in information and communication technology for development (ICT4D), most recently as director of The Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (Spider) at Stockholm University (2011-2013), previously as ICT4D consultant to the United Nations, Sida, and Tanzanian authorities (1998-2008) as well as global policy making (WSIS 2003, 2005).



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