Selection of publications and visual media productions since 2009.

Chanjo ya Rushwa-an ethnographic road movie (2013)


An ethnographic road movie about a campaign against corruption through music, mobiles and social media. In 2011-2012 Vitali Maembe & The Spirits carried out a music tour in Tanzania to vaccinate the population against corruption. The artists performed in public spaces, to give ordinary citizens a chance to speak up against corruption! This documentary film captures the campaign and the voices of people breaking the culture of silence on corruption. The film builds on anthropological research by Paula Uimonen, assisted by John Sagatti and Vincent Ssekamatte.


Select publications on art, culture and digital media


Since 2009 I have done research in Tanzania, on Internet, cultural identity, arts, Facebook and mobile photography. Much of this research has been published in articles as well as the monograph Digital Drama (2012). The monograph was published in Routledge's Innovative Ethnograhies series with a website at


In addition to this research in Tanzania, which builds on ethnographic engagements since 2002, I have also written articles on digital and mobile media in other parts of Africa. A complete list of publications is available on Department site.

New book in ECREA Book Series (2016):

Digital Photography and Everyday Life

Empirical studies on material visual practices

edited by Edgar Gómez Cruz and Asko Lehmuskallio


With contributors from ten different countries and backgrounds in a range of academic disciplines - including anthropology, media studies and visual culture - this collection takes a uniquely broad perspective on photography by situating the image-making process in wider discussions on the materiality and visuality of photographic practices and explores these through empirical case studies.


By focusing on material visual practices, the book presents a comprehensive overview of some of the main challenges digital photography is bringing to everyday life. It explores how the digitization of photography has a wide-reaching impact on the use of the medium, as well as on the kinds of images that can be produced and the ways in which camera technology is developed. The exploration goes beyond mere images to think about cameras, mediations and technologies as key elements in the development of visual digital cultures.


Digital Photography and Everyday Life will be of great interest to students and scholars of Photography, Contemporary Art, Visual Culture and Media Studies, as well as those studying Communication, Cultural Anthropology, and Science and Technology Studies.


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Includes a chapter by Paula Uimonen:

"I'm a picture girl." Mobile photography in Tanzania.






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