"When I do write about women in Nigeria, in Africa, I try to paint a positive picture about women because there are many women who are very, very positive in their thinking, who are very, very independent and very, very industrious." Flora Nwapa, Nigeria

"I believe that the liberation of the woman has to be part of the liberation of the society itself." Penina Mlama, Tanzania

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Open access, free download online

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Open access, free download online.

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An anthropological reading of Immanuel Kant and Kwame Nkrumah on the world as one.

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News October 2017. Efuru@50 documentary film now public on YouTube with subtitles.


This site is dedicated to a research project on AFRICAN WOMEN WRITERS in Nigeria & Tanzania. The aim is to share the voices  of creative African women whose literary work can help us re-imagine the world as one.

This project explores transnational dynamics in the literary production of African women writers in Nigeria and Tanzania, with an emphasis on gender, digital media and worldmaking. It examines local literary worlds as well as digital mediations in literary production and exchange, including social and visual media. Research through ethnographic fieldwork.

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Digital media open up new venues for literary production. More writers are present online, along with readers, critics and scholars. Many writers also appear in videos and other forms of media coverage, much of which is posted online. Here I collect some of the online material I have come across. I will also share audiovisual material from this project.

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Various conferences,workshops, festivals and other events where I present my research.

Anthropological Readings and Literary Gendering in Aesthetic Worldmaking

22 June 2021

Paper presented in the panel
The Worlding of Reading, at
Revolutions in Reading: Literary Practice in Transition

Stockholm University (online).  

African Women Writers, Creolised Aesthetics and Decolonial Worldmaking

23 July 2020

Paper presented in the panel Creolisation and Conviviality, at
EASA 2020 : New Anthropological Horizons in and beyond Europe,
Virtual Lisbon (online).

Flora Nwapa and African Women in World Literature

14 April 2018

A conversation between Paula Uimonen, Stefan Helgesson and Uzoma Nwakuche at the Stockholm Literature Fair, in collaboration with Stockholm City Library/International Library.