Powerful, passionate women who write in English and/or Kiswahili. Novels, short stories, poems and plays. Avid users of social media: blogs, twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. All this creative actvity in a country  with limited reading culture and an underdeveloped educational system, where books is an unaffordable luxury for the majority! Unique literary stories to be told.

Fieldwork in Dar es Salaam in  June-August 2016 and repeated visits from 2017 to 2019.


Established writers like Elieshi Lema, Demere Kitunga and Sandra Mushi as well as upcoming talents like Zuhura Seng'enge, Lydia Kasese and Langa Sarakikya. These are some of the women writers covered in my research.


Writing workshops, poetry readings and book clubs. These are some of the events I follow in Dar es Salaam, organized at places like Soma Book Cafe and Eco Sanaa Terrace at Culture and Development for East Africa (CDEA). Creative spaces where writers, readers and artists of various kinds get together. Fieldwork through participant observation.


Reading all kinds of books: novels, short stories, poems and children's books. Here is a list of titles, compiled as I go along. Suggestions for additional reading are most welcome!